Aims and Scope

Aims of the Collection: The purpose of the Collection is to publish the most important results of research in the field of the economy functioning at the national and international levels. The Collection is an academic publication with the following main tasks:

  • informing the domestic and foreign scientific community on the theoretical and applied results of scientific research on the economic science problems
  • coordination of scientific research at the national and international levels;
  • establishment of the open discussion platform, which is intended to support the exchange of ideas and information dissemination in the scientific community;
  • stimulating interest in interdisciplinary connections and complex approaches to phenomena under study;
  • compliance of Collection with the international requirements elaborated for scholarly periodicals, as well as rigorous and objective selection of manuscripts for publishing.

 The main sections of the Collection

  • Knowledge Economy, Innovative Economy
  • Economy and Management
  • Accounting, Analysis and Audit
  • Economic Theory
  • Finance, Monetary Circulation and Credit
  • International Economics

Problematics of the Collection: The collection contains the scientific articles on actual issues of the modern economics, national economy of Ukraine, economic theory, finance, accounting, management, marketing, development of entrepreneurship, agricultural economy, functioning of financial system and social sphere.

The collection also presents the theory and practice of research in the field of modern teaching and methodological technologies for training specialists.

The collection of scientific articles is the result of joined efforts of graduates and young scientists of different educational establishments and scientific institutions of Ukraine and other countries of the Central and Eastern Europe for developing the perspective directions of science by means of publishing articles which contain the results of the latest researches with the prospect of their further practical implementation.

The articles published in periodical are distinguished by the originality of setting and solving the actual scientific tasks of fundamental and applied character directed on providing the competitive advantages of national economies, the innovational development of countries and their industrial and agricultural sectors modernization.

The Collection is published for scientists, teachers, students of economic specialties, employees of financial and credit institutions and entrepreneurs.