Basic aspects of transformation reorganization of modern international business

  • Kateryna Zhylenko Dniprorovskyi national University by Oles Honchar
Keywords: international business, economic integration, globalization, direct foreign investments, national economy


The primary purpose of our research is determination of essence of concept «process of internationalization» international business; forming of structure of international business and selection of basic forms of its functioning; research of tool of integration processes which stipulate globalization of the world economy; determination of basic levers of bringing in of direct foreign investments in the Ukrainian national economy. The methodological base of research was made scientific works of Ukrainia and foreign scientists and leading specialists, statistical and analytical materials of international organizations. In the process of research were used mathematical, analytical and abstractly- logical methods. Results. International business, in the wide understanding of this category, it is possible to examine as an enterprise which is carried out within the limits of world economy. Concrete essence of this concept is examined as any operation which is conducted contractors two or more countries. International business is based on possibility of receipt of advantages (economic or technological). The included of firm in international business is characterized a step to development. As a rule, this process is begun with simply-shaped of ordinary foreign trade and to the extent of development arrives at a higher form – MNC. International business is carried out in defenite forms. Among them will name such: export-import of commodities and services; co-operation in industry of scientific and technical, production, sale and service activity; investment activity; general enterprise; transnational corporations. In modern terms the role of international investment activity as forms of international business grew notedly. Activation of investment activity is the certificate of development of enterprise and positively influences on growth of his socio-economic role in society. The analysis of dynamics of process of the direct investing of the Ukrainian economy testifies that by comparison to 2013-2014, in 2015 its level went down considerably. It is explained an unstable political situation in Ukraine. Modern progress of international business trends objectively require development of the new going near his organization of conduct. Support of competitiveness of companies in the modern world largely depends on speed of exchange information and speeds of making decision. Practical implications. The gotten results could be used in scientific and- analytical researches of processes of internationalization, integration and globalization of the world economy. Perspective directions of research, in our view, there is forming of methodology of estimation of degree of integrating of the national economic system in the globalization process.


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Kateryna Zhylenko, Dniprorovskyi national University by Oles Honchar

Zhylenko Kateryna, Ph.D. in Economical Science, Associate Professor

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