Search and intoduction of new forms and methods of management based on the development of internal entrepreurship

  • Vitaliy Zakharchenko Odessa National Polytechnic University
  • Natalia Zakharchenko Odessa National Polytechnic University
Keywords: enterprise, entrepreneurs, Manager, culture, system, resource, project, environment, strategy


The subject of the article is development of theoretical and methodological framework in achieving a new qualitative level of management of the entire system of production and sales due to the introduction of large industrial enterprises a tool of entrepreneurship. The aim of the article is to substantiation of the need to understand and study the nature of the role of entrepreneurship in the restructuring of the domestic industrial enterprises in accordance with the changes in the current external environment. Methodology work of the article is based on General scientific methods of cognition, generalization, method of comparative analysis, statistical and other research methods. Results of research. The analysis of development preconditions and strategies of entrepreneurship development in Ukraine, which is a proactive, innovative activity directed on search and introduction of new forms and methods of management, creation of new products and services based on the integration of business capabilities of the enterprise and the entrepreneur to ensure efficient use of enterprise resources and its dynamic development based on innovation. Studied foreign experience of entrepreneurship with the aim of developing support systems and incentives for the implementation of intrapreneurship in the enterprise. Scope of the results of research. The results of the study can be applied in practical economic activities. Conclusions. The authors have determined the necessary conditions for the formation of a climate of entrepreneurship, as well as the goals, strategies and benefits of the implementation of intrapreneurship in the enterprise. This will provide an opportunity to intensify the results of innovative activities in the enterprise, the implementation of entrepreneur-initiated business ideas using the situational approach, which will ensure the formation of sustainable competitive advantages of the company. Use of intrapreneurship in the enterprise will allow to more efficiently manage cash flow, to increase innovative susceptibility and to create the most favorable conditions for increasing entrepreneurial activity of the organization.


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Author Biographies

Vitaliy Zakharchenko, Odessa National Polytechnic University

Zakharchenko Vitaliy, Doct.Sci. (Econ), Prof.

Natalia Zakharchenko, Odessa National Polytechnic University

Zakharchenko Natalia, Cand.Sci. (Econ), Associate Professor

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