Problems of population aging in the context of pension reform in Ukraine

  • Ivan Gaiduk «Academy of Financial Management»
Keywords: aging, pension system, pension reform, longevity, principles of effectiveness, retirement age, forecasting


The subject of the article is social and economic factors that influence the aging process. The aim of the article is to reveal the problem of aging of the population of Ukraine in the context of pension reform. Methodology work of this article is general scientific methods of cognition, generalization, method of comparative analysis, statistical and other methods of research. Results of research. The state of the pension system of Ukraine during the reform process is analyzed. Author's definition of the concept «pension system» is proposed. Comparative data on life expectancy in Ukraine and in the world are presented. A statistical generalization of the main indicators of social and pension provision of Ukrainian citizens for several years has been formed. Proposals for further improvement of the pension system of Ukraine are presented. Scope of results of research. The results of the study can be used in the practical work of employees of various spheres of economic relations, pensioners and organizations involved in retirement provision. Conclusions. The challenges faced by Ukraine on the road to effective growth and well-being are, above all, to ensure an adequate standard of living for citizens. This will become fully possible only when the problems of aging of the population will be solved as much as possible in favor of people of retirement age. After all, they are the least protected persons of the country, who seek a proper attitude every day. The system of non-state pension provision is intended to help solve these problems in the near future by means of mechanisms and instruments that will ensure stability in the long run.


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Ivan Gaiduk, «Academy of Financial Management»

Gaiduk Ivan, post-graduate student

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