Brand like a tool of national economy restructuring

  • Galina Studinska State Research Institute of Informatization and Economic Modelling
  • Alina Khodzhaian Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics
Keywords: branding of the national economy, the country's national brand, the structure of the national economy


The evolution of the brand is followed. Industrialization is determined like the start of the current stage of branding. The influence of industrialization on the development of branding and transformation of the economic structure of Ukraine is investigated. The role of the brand in structural changes of the national economy is considered. The structure of the components of gross domestic product is analyzed. Рredicted is done: Brandoriented national economy will increase GDP. The subject of research is theoretical and methodological principles of branding impact of the national economy on its structural proportions. Purpose of the article is to substantiate the nature of the relationship between branding of the national economy and its sectoral structure. For the purpose used: functional approach - to determine the brand from the perspective of functions performed by it; systemic and national approaches to the methodology of scientific knowledge of the brand, that allowed to investigate the impact of the brand on structural proportions of the national economy; management approach to process management brand in specific market and consumer conditions into management system of the brand for different levels. The practical significance of the results is to use them to increase the efficiency of the national economy through changes in its branch structure. Conclusions. The modern definition of the brand corresponds to its evolution and functions performed by the brand in the domestic economy. Current socio-economic, environmental, demographic problems of Ukraine require a comprehensive approach to solving them, which is impossible without major structural changes in the national economy. Branding of the national economy influence its sectoral proportions and is an instrument of change in the income structure of categories of GDP and its growth. 


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Author Biographies

Galina Studinska, State Research Institute of Informatization and Economic Modelling

Studinska Galina, Ph.D., Doctoral

Alina Khodzhaian, Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics

Khodzhaian Alina, Doctor of Economics, Professor, Professor of the Department of International Economic Relations

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