Endowments in higher educational institutions: problems and prospects

  • Marta Dmytryshyn Ivano-Frankivsk Institute of Management
Keywords: higher education, endowment, funding, financial resources


The subject of research are theoretical and practical questions of functioning of endowments in higher education. The purpose of the study is to detect current problems of endowment-funds in Ukrainian higher educational institutions and to find ways to solve them. Research methods applied in the work are: methods of comparison, grouping, detail and analytical methods. The results of the work. The article reveals some theoretical and methodical provisions, as well as the economic content of functioning of endowment-funds in higher educational institutions. Preconditions, causes and factors of influence on their formation and functioning of native universities are established. Сurrent state of distribution of endowment’s management practices in the area of higher education in Ukraine at the present stage are characterized. Main reason that necessitate the creation of a sustainable fund in public higher educational institution, which simultaneously acts as well as an obstacle to the dissemination of this method of acquisition and use of funds of philanthropists. Important obstacles to the development of the practice of sustainable funds in higher educational institutions, which are divided into the categories of legal, ethical, political and economic, are outlined. Based on the influence of destimulators that reduce a spread of experience in creation and effective management of endowment-funds in the area of higher education, author vision of their elimination or minimization is proposed. Prospects of future development of endowment’s phenomenon in higher education of Ukraine are summarized. Branch of applying research results are management and financial activities in higher education institutions. Conclusions. Research of the theoretical and methodological foundations, legal regulation and the current state of functioning of existing in the Ukrainian universities sustainable funds allowed us to separate individual difficulties and obstacles to their effective implementation and development. Analysis of the current economic, political, moral and psychological situation in our country allowed to trace the relationship between cause and effect existing today. Based on the detected issues, a few prospects for their solution via discovering few ways to improve the situation in the field of application of the endowment funds’ practice in higher education and the state in general.


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Marta Dmytryshyn, Ivano-Frankivsk Institute of Management

Dmytryshyn Marta, Ph.D. in Economical Science, Associate Professor

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