On the formation of the system of economic security

  • Elena Kovalenko Zaporozhye State Engineering Academy
  • Igor Bolduev Zaporozhye State Engineering Academy
Keywords: economic security, protection, threat, business, safe activity, competition


The article is to examine and study the basic principles of economic security in today's world. Based on the study of theoretical material provides a summary of the main characteristics of the formation of the system of economic security. Every single entity has the goal of sustainable development and a successful, stable operation. So, to protect their interests and maintain its leading position in the market - this is what creates the preconditions for ensuring economic security, management. The purpose of security is the timely detection and prevention of both external and internal dangers and threats, ensure security of the company and achieve its goals of business. Quantitative and qualitative analysis of possible internal and external threats suggests that the protection of the economy of any enterprise is only possible in an integrated and systematic approach to its organization. Ensuring economic security requires the establishment of the company's own security or involvement of specialized agencies. The system of economic security must be unique, independent, comprehensive. The main provisions are the efficiency and effectiveness of economic security. The efficiency of economic security should be obvious - a result of its introduction exceed costs. The principles and their implementation in the enterprise security system will increase its efficiency, consistency, timeliness, consistency, planned character. The mechanism to ensure system security, which is a combination of legislation, the driving motives and incentives law, capabilities, methods, measures to achieve security objectives, is one of the most significant elements of the security system. Tools and resources used, divided into several groups: technical, financial, legal, personnel, information, intelligence and so on. The main importance of economic security of the system is that it should be precautionary in nature. Creating a reliable and effective system of economic security at the plant are necessary steps that will lead to the successful operation of the entity in a changing environment. This problem is poorly understood and requires further research.


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Author Biographies

Elena Kovalenko, Zaporozhye State Engineering Academy

Kovalenko Elena, Doctor of Economic Science, Professor Head of the Economу Enterprise Departmen

Igor Bolduev, Zaporozhye State Engineering Academy

Bolduev Igor, Master's Degree Student

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