Marketing tool restructuring as crisis management of industrial enterprises

  • Alexander Schukin Zaporizhzhya National University
Keywords: marketing, restructuring, marketing restructuring, crisis management, enterprise


The article explored the dynamics of business confidence indicator in industry, industrial main economic indicators, assess the current volume of orders for production, expected changes in selling prices of products, assess the current volume of stocks of finished products at 2010-2015rr., factors of hindering production. The main factors that hinder the production are insufficient demand and financial constraints. The article stipulates that the restructuring of enterprises is due to a decrease in business confidence indicator in industry Ukraine, profitability, demand for industrial products, sales volumes, increasing the current volume of stocks of finished products and increased competition. The concept of «marketing restructuring» is defined as a crisis instrument implementing qualitative changes in the structure, system, process marketing company, realized at the tactical, strategic, operational level, covers the transformation of price, product, territorial, information strategies, diversification and so on. The main purpose of marketing restructuring are described. There are improving company image, improve product quality, building an efficient sales system and more. There are three main crisis management situations, which can be used by marketing restructuring. The author outlines a phased overall marketing plan restructuring. The article explored the basic directions of marketing restructuring, deconcentration of production; changing technology; optimize technological potential; reorientation or reduction of major products; increase production and sales; reorganization of divisions; searching methods for sales promotion, converting the system of external relationships and more.


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Alexander Schukin, Zaporizhzhya National University

Schukin Alexander, Senior Researcher, Doctor of Economics

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