Insuring progressive approach to gender equality in education: the Swedish approach

  • Anastasia Yermoshenko Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics
Keywords: gender equality, gender mainstreaming, education


The research question consists of the Swedish government policies and measures concerning gender equality in education. The purpose of study is to shed light on the government approach to gender equality in education with focus on schools and preschools in Sweden. Research methods are the abstract and comparative analyses. Results. The article investigates the approach to gender equality in education (school and pre-school level) in Sweden. Today the Swedish approach for gender mainstreaming in education is one of the most advanced in the EU and covers all levels ranging from legislation to schools and pre-schools that implement this approach in practice. Scope of application id the government policy in the sphere of education. Conclusion. The analysis allowed to identify the main characteristics of integrated approach to gender equality in education in Sweden. Recognized principles and methods of gender equality at school and preschool level could be taken into consideration when reforming the education system in Ukraine.


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Anastasia Yermoshenko, Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics

Yermoshenko Anastasia, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor of Finance

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