Strategy of attraction of deposit resources as vector of functioning of cash system of the country

  • Mykhailo Kuzheliev University of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine
  • Valeriia Volkova Poltava national technical university of Yury Kondratyuk
  • Nelia Volkova Poltava national technical university of Yury Kondratyuk
Keywords: resource base, deposit policy, deposit portfolio, profitability, risk of a deposit portfolio, deposit strategy, cash system, stability of monetary unit, innovative tools, organizational mechanism, standard and legal, economic mechanism of attraction of deposit resources


An object of research is attraction of deposit resources by banks for the purpose of ensuring liquidity of a bank system and stability of currency circulation as levers of economic growth in the country. Scientific developments of domestic and foreign scientists, fundamental theoretical provisions of economic science on attraction of deposit resources and an assessment of their influence on cash system of the country became a methodological basis of article. In the course of research general scientific methods are used so: system approach - for development of strategy of enhancement of attraction of means of the population by banks; formal and dialectic logic, the analysis, synthesis, logical generalization - for the characteristic of modern approaches to determination of essence of deposit policy of bank; group and the factorial analysis - for detection of internal and external factors of influence on the mechanism of attraction by banks of deposit resources and determination of features of their manifestation in modern conditions. Methods of expert evaluations, the analysis of hierarchies, comparisons are the basis for the analysis of a condition of deposits and development of scientific and methodical approach to the choice of strategy of banks for the purpose of improvement of bank liquidity and stability of cash system of the country; the correlation and regression analysis - for an assessment of macroeconomic factors of forming of a deposit portfolio of a bank system of Ukraine. In article the assessment of activities of banks for forming of deposit resources is carried out. It is determined that a main objective of deposit strategy of bank institutions is attraction of bigger amount of money at the smallest price. The general and specific principles of forming of strategy of attraction of deposits by banks are allocated. Need of creation of new types of deposits which would be interesting to clients is proved and are profitable to banks. It is proved that implementation of the latest instruments of borrowing of deposit resources will allow not only to reduce overall bank risk, to maintain financial stability and reliability of bank, but also will provide stability of cash system of the country. The conclusion is drawn that introduction and expansion of innovative banking services in implementation process of deposit policy shall be combined with fixed enhancement of the traditional directions of customer service. Implementation of organizational, standard and legal and economic mechanisms of attraction of deposit resources for increase of liquidity of banks and ensuring stability of national monetary unit is offered. It is specified that the exit to the new level of implementation of deposit activities is possible only on condition of building-up of the equity of Fund of guaranteeing household deposits. Actions for the prevention and decrease in deposit risks, enhancement of the mechanism of attraction of deposit resources are developed. Results of research can be used in practical activities of banks of Ukraine, are implemented in the educational sphere during the research work of students and graduate students.


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Author Biographies

Mykhailo Kuzheliev, University of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine

Kuzheliev Mykhailo, Doktor of Science (Economics), Professor, Director of Educational and Scientific Institute of Finance and Banking

Valeriia Volkova, Poltava national technical university of Yury Kondratyuk

Volkova Valeriia, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor of Finance and Banking

Nelia Volkova, Poltava national technical university of Yury Kondratyuk

Volkova Nelia, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor of Finance and Banking

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