Formation of financial regulation

  • Natalya Mostytskiy Kyiv National trade and economic University
Keywords: finance, financial system, financial control, financial policy, financial and economic relations, budget, fiscal policy, tax regulation, financial forecasting perspective


The subject of research is theoretical and practical issues of formation of the financial regulation of economic development. The study is disclosure of financial system regulation of economic development, the definition of the institutional framework in the process of the financial mechanism of the economy. Research methods. The paper used a set of scientific methods and approaches, including systemic, structural, comparative, factorial methods that allowed to realize conceptual integrity of the study. The results of the work. The essence and role of financial regulation as a tool for economic development. Developed approaches to enhance the efficiency of financial policy as an important economic institution that has a significant influence on economic growth. The ways of improving the efficiency of fiscal policy in terms of institutional reforms, which is to ensure social development, social protection, taking into account the basic principles of program-target method of budget planning aimed at the performance of budgetary funds. Range of application results. The financial policy of economic development. Financial mechanism in the system of economic relations. Conclusions. Currently, the state financial regulation of the country formed in terms of socio -economic policy, which comes from the necessity of state participation in global economic and financial relations , improving the quality of public social services , which requires the implementation of strategies for economic growth to a new institutional level. State financial strategy should be geared primarily to relevant endogenous growth factors. This fiscal policy as an important component of state economic regulation has lean on long-term program of economic and social development country. In modern terms it is appropriate to strengthen the role of financial policy as an important instrument of macroeconomic effective impact on the achievement of financial and economic balance, effectiveness economic.


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Natalya Mostytskiy, Kyiv National trade and economic University

Mostytskiy Natalya, Postgraduate Department of Finance

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