The direction of expansion of Sino-Ukrainian investment and innovative cooperation

  • Sergii Zakharin Tianjin Foreign Study University
  • Yining Li Tianjin Foreign Study University
  • Yevgeniy Smirnov Vadym Getman Kyiv national economic University
Keywords: investments, innovations, technologies, investment cooperation, infrastructure projects, China, Ukraine


The subject, the purpose of the work. Subject of research – the status, trends and prospects for SinoUkrainian investment and innovative cooperation. The author analyses modern tendencies of investment cooperation between Ukraine and China. Describes the contents of the initiative «One belt and One road». The estimation of prospects of the Chinese-Ukrainian investment cooperation. The suggestions made about the possibilities of Ukraine's accession to the initiative «Economic belt of the silk Road». The aim of this work is to provide scientifically justified recommendations for the expansion (growth and improvement of the structure), Sino-Ukrainian investment and innovative cooperation. Method or methodology of work. Was used General scientific and specific methods and techniques of scientific research – analysis, synthesis, induction, deduction, analysis and synthesis, abstraction, method of expert estimation, grouping, formal-logical method. The results of the work. Provides a synthesis of status, trends and prospects of Sino-Ukrainian economic, investment and innovative cooperation, the proposals for enhancing Sino-Ukrainian investment and innovative cooperation. The scope of the results. The obtained results can be applied in the formation and realization of state foreign economic policy, improvement of mechanisms for the implementation of Sino-Ukrainian infrastructure projects and for further development of relations between Ukraine and China. Conclusions. The most attractive infrastructure projects that could be implemented with the participation of Chinese investors, is the upgrade of port infrastructure, purchase of innovative rail equipment, the evelopment of transport crossings on the borders with the European States. This is especially true in the context of the loss of the Ukrainian economy of its transit potential. A key challenge for the economic bloc of the Ukrainian Government is to continue radical economic reforms, the introduction of flexible mechanisms of regulation of economic activity, and implement a balanced structuralinvestment policy, creation of favorable business climate for foreign investors. The prospects of intensification of the Sino-Ukrainian investment and innovative cooperation should be undertaken under the auspices of the Commission for cooperation between the Government of Ukraine and the Government of China (in particular, with the participation of specialists of the Subcommittee on trade and economic cooperation). The results of this discussion to be held with the participation of leading experts should prepare a draft of relevant regulations. Should develop a draft Plan of joint actions of China and Ukraine (Road map), which shall provide for the implementation of a number of measures of legal, economic, administrative and organizational nature, aimed at mutual promotion of investments. It is clear that the final decision should be made at the political level. Within the framework of boosting bilateral investment cooperation should provide tools for monitoring the investment interaction of the enterprises of China and Ukraine, including the possibility of efficiently solving the problems of Chinese investors in Ukraine. Appropriate beginning of the Summit (conference) high-level prospects for economic and humanitarian cooperation between Ukraine and China that could be performed annually or once in two years.


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Author Biographies

Sergii Zakharin, Tianjin Foreign Study University

Zakharin Sergii, Doctor of Economics, Professor

Yining Li, Tianjin Foreign Study University

Li Yining, Director of the Institute, Professor

Yevgeniy Smirnov, Vadym Getman Kyiv national economic University

Smirnov Yevgeniy, Ph.D., Associate Professor

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