Method of searching of parties parity at public-private partnership

  • Lidiia Horoshkova Zaporizhzhya National University
  • Vladimir Volkov Zaporizhzhya national university
  • Ivan Karbivnychyi Zaporizhzhya national university
Keywords: decentralization, local finances, local self-government, administrative-territorial device


In work the analysis of experience realization reforming administratively-territorial device and decentralization of management in the European countries is carried out. The comparisons of different models of decentralization of authority are carried out. The features of administrative-territorial transformations in the countries - members of EU are investigated which have resulted in positive and negative results. Is shown, that the European practice demonstrates a growing role of local self-management in system of public authority and opportunity of effective delimitation of powers of bodies of the executive authority and local self-management in nation-wide and territorial management. Is established, that in the majority of the countries of Europe at local and regional levels practically all to the competence, except for competent of nation-wide meaning(importance), belong to powers of bodies of local self-management. Is established, that in the countries of Europe the tendency to integration of administrative - territorial units of a base level is traced which answers a level of communities in Ukraine and also decentralization and reforming of functional powers in system administratively - territorial device. The carried out comparative analysis of powers of administrative-territorial units in the different countries, structure and features of formation of the incomes of local bodies self-management. On the basis of the carried out(spent) analysis the carried out offers concerning formation of the Ukrainian model of decentralization. Is proved, that for reception of positive results of decentralization of authority in Ukraine it is necessary simultaneously to take into account such aspects: introduction of mechanisms of wide attraction of the members of territorial communities to participation in management; to develop communities as public corporations on own resources; to ensure w ide scope of local self-management, to expand their jurisdiction on territory outside the occupied items; the decentralization of powers can be accompanied by decentralization of budget resources.


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Author Biographies

Lidiia Horoshkova, Zaporizhzhya National University

Horoshkova Lidiia, D. Sc. in Economics, Professor of the Chair of entrepreneurship, management of organizations and logistics

Vladimir Volkov, Zaporizhzhya national university

Volkov Vladimir, D. Sc. in Technical, Professor, Professor of the Chair of entrepreneurship, management of organizations and logistics

Ivan Karbivnychyi, Zaporizhzhya national university

Karbivnychyi Ivan, Postgraduate

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