Analysis of globalization determinants impact on human resources development

  • Anna Pereverzieva Zaporizhzhya national university
Keywords: human resources, globalization, “knowledge economy”, education, determinants of globalization


Subject, objective of the study. The role of human resources at the present stage of society development is revealed. Globalization determinants are distinguished. Adjustment of the role of human resources amid intensification of globalization impact on all components of human life is illustrated. The influence of modern globalization tendencies on labour activity is determined. Hereupon industrial and informational approaches to the definition of the subsence of labour are figured out. The analysis of globalization factors influence on the development of human resources is made. The objective of the study is to analyze globalization determinants impact on human resources development. Method and methodology of research design. General scientific and specific methods and techniques of scientific research are used: induction and deduction, when determining the role of human resources at the present stage of society development; analysis and synthesis, when determining the impact of modern globalization tendencies on labour and human resources development; scientific abstraction and systematic analysis, when emphasizing globalization factors. Study findings. Findings of the impact analysis of globalization factors on human resources development are presented. Globalization factors are identified. The peculiarities of their effect are characterized. Conclusions. Taking into account current tendencies in the development of society, the role of human resources is being increased. They determine the potential opportunities, ensure competitiveness rate and shape the future trajectories of development. Intensification of globalization process effect leads to the need for constant development and self-improvement of a person in order to meet modern requirements and increase individual competitiveness rate. We identify some key globalization determinants, which affect human resources development: economic, political, technological, educational, social and cultural. These factors peculiarities mean the chain reaction which cause the factor`s performance initiated by other`s impact. Nowadays there are significant changes in the work activity, the nature of labor, in which the highest creative activity of a person is considered to be the most important. The result is the creation of a unique product that simultaneously satisfies the needs of a person in the development of abilities, self-realization, and at the same time satisfies the needs of others.


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Author Biography

Anna Pereverzieva, Zaporizhzhya national university

Pereverzieva Anna, Ph.D. in Economical Science, Associate Professor

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