The issues of economic growth and convergence of Central and Eastern Europe regions

  • Woyceh Kosedowski University after Nikolay Copernic
Keywords: Central and Eastern Europe, regions, economic growth, the global financial crisis, convergence, divergence


In the article the issues of economic growth of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) at the regional level during 2008-2016 are raised with special attention to the conditions resulting from the global financial crisis. The text of thearticle is divided into introduction, main part consisting of three parts and conclusions. The introduction contains thepurpose and scope of study described in the article. The first part presents the regional structure of CEE; in the second part the results of growth dynamics analysis of the individual CEE countries national and regional economies on EU background are presented; in the third part the results of analysis of the convergence/divergence process across NUTS regions are presented. 2. The article ends with general conclusions about the impact of the global crisis on regional development, which can be used to improve regional policy.


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Woyceh Kosedowski, University after Nikolay Copernic

Woyceh Kosedowski, Doctor of Economics, Professor Board of European integration and regional researches Faculty of Economic Sciences and Management 

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