Mechanism of profit management at the enterprises in financial globalization conditions

  • Svetlana Khalatur Dnipro State Agrarian and Economic University
  • Irina Plisko Dnipro State Agrarian and Economic University
Keywords: business model, competitors, profitability, economic development, national economy


Subject of research – conceptual, theoretical-methodological and scientific-practical principles of profit management at enterprises. Aim of research is to investigate and describe the mechanism, factors, reserves and ways to increase the profitability of enterprises of the national economy of Ukraine in the conditions of financial globalization. Methods of research.  The article uses a set of methods of scientific research: statistical, historical, normative, analytical. From the methodological point of view, we note that this analysis refers to the period 2010-2017 years. Results of research. Having studied the ways to increase the profitability of enterprises in the market conditions, we can conclude that due to the lack of an effective business model for increasing the company's profitability in most of the enterprises of the national economy of Ukraine, there is a risk of shortfall in profits or even losses. It is argued that enterprises need to form an optimal business model for increasing profitability before performing financial and corporate activities in order to achieve the desired results. The problem is that many businesses use the concept of a business model and business strategy as interchangeable, which is not correct. Application of results.  The results of this study can be applied in the practice of financial and economic activity of enterprises of the national economy of Ukraine. Conclusions. In order for the company to grow and profit, it is very important that it has a reliable business model as well as a competitive strategy on how to differ from competitors. It is important to combine business model analysis with strategic analysis when an enterprise develops and implements a new business model to protect the results of a transformed business model from the point of view of competitive advantage. This link involves segmentation of the market, creating value propositions for each segment, and developing a variety of "isolation mechanisms" that will help avoid simulating business models / business strategies by competitors. In order to create and maintain a competitive advantage, and thus increase the profitability of the enterprise, differentiated and difficult to immitate, at the same time effective design for the business model of the enterprise is very important.


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Author Biographies

Svetlana Khalatur, Dnipro State Agrarian and Economic University

Khalatur Svetlana, Doctor of Economics, associate Professor, associate Professor of Finance, banking and insurance Department

Irina Plisko, Dnipro State Agrarian and Economic University

Plisko Irina, Student of the group MG-FBS-1-17

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