Formation and realization of youth leader potential of the joint territorial communities of Ukraine

  • Svitlana Sliusar Pereіaslav-Khmelnуtskyі Нrуhorii Skovoroda State Pedagogical University
  • Natalya Moroziuk National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine
Keywords: leadership, leader, leader potential, youth, joint territorial community, psychological portrait of the leader, social services, rural territory


Object of research is the system of formation and realization of leader potential of youth of joint territorial communities of Ukraine. Methods which were used in the course of the research. In the course of the research the complex of general scientific methods and receptions was used, namely: comparative analysis and synthesis, abstraction, a method of induction and deduction, idealization, generalization, analogy, modeling and also special - expert poll, group, forecasting. Results of a research. Results of a research of the mechanism of activization of leader potential of youth which would involve all interested parties (public authorities, local self-government, business, the public, higher education institutions) for the sake of wellbeing and prosperity of the joint territorial communities (JTC) are presented in article. Conditions and problems of formation and realization of leader potential of youth of territorial communities of Ukraine and EU countries are investigated; it is studied scientific bases of domestic and foreign experiment on a role and places of youth in development of territorial communities; it is theoretically proved the system of formation and realization of leader potential of JTC; factors of formation and effective realization of leader potential of youth of JTC in various spheres are defined. Range of application of results: territorial communities of Ukraine which will use the recommendations about formation of leader potential of youth developed on the basis of a certain psychological portrait of the leader necessary for the Ukrainian society in the conditions of reforming. Conclusions. In the conditions of difficult political, social and economic conditions of development of Ukraine, considerably became complicated in recent years, all weaknesses of life in Ukraine amplified. Especially sharply there was a dilemma of future our state, basic change of the existing system of the public relations as pledge of an exit from a crisis situation and full development of the state. Among all pressing problems began to arise a question on what basis to build the future of Ukraine who has to be main «base» of construction of qualitatively new state. In this context, according to us, the main emphasis at the national level has to be concentrated on development of the system of formation and realization of leader potential of youth of the joint territorial communities (JTC) of Ukraine.


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Author Biographies

Svitlana Sliusar, Pereіaslav-Khmelnуtskyі Нrуhorii Skovoroda State Pedagogical University

Svitlana Sliusar, PhD (Economics), Associate Professorof Account and Taxation

Natalya Moroziuk, National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine

Natalya Moroziuk, PhD (Economics), Associate Professorof Labor Economics and Social Development

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