Improving and raising the effectiveness of audit of tax accounting at the agricultural enterprises

  • Mikhail Kotsupatryi Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman
  • Natalia Novak Kherson State Agrarian University
  • Olga Sarapina Kherson National Technical University
Keywords: tax reporting, accounting, audit, procedures, privileges, sanctions, accrual, improvement, increase, efficiency


The subject of the study is theoretical and practical aspects of the formation, implementation and increase of the efficiency of audit of tax reporting of domestic enterprises. The purpose of the work is to determine the content, features and theoretical and practical principles of implementation, improvement, increase of the efficiency of audit of tax reporting of enterprises as a basis for their sustainable and competitive development in the future. Methodological basis of the article became as general scientific, and special methods of scientific knowledge. Were used methods: dialectical, monographic, historical, system-structural analysis and synthesis, accounting and audit. Results of work. The article defines the content of taxes, tax reporting and audit in agrarian enterprises. The procedure and stages of carrying out of audits, their purpose, methods, the estimation of efficiency and efficiency are developed. The necessary audit procedures are established. Typical and possible violations of tax legislation and methods of their detection are revealed. The means and directions of improvement of representation of taxes in accounting, tax discipline and carrying out of the tax audit are substantiated. This will help increase the financial and economic stability of agrarian enterprises and their sustainable development. The field of application of results. Conclusions and results of the article can be used in the educational-scientific process of the economic faculties of higher educational institutions. It is expedient to transfer them for practical use in the work of accounting services of enterprises, audit companies, tax authorities. Conclusions. As a result of writing the article, it was found that the audit of the taxation of agricultural enterprises has certain characteristics. They are determined by the specifics of agriculture itself. It is fully related to the definition of payers and the establishment of a single tax (EP). The organizational and economic bases of the audit, its purpose, stages, procedures, types of inspections were determined. The content of audit reports and the significance of their use in corporate management, tax administration is substantiated. Proposals to improve and increase the effectiveness of tax audit on these bases will contribute to strengthening tax discipline, transparency of agribusiness, its optimization and competitiveness in agrarian markets.


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Author Biographies

Mikhail Kotsupatryi, Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

Candidate of Science (Economics), Professor, Head of the Department of Accounting, Control and Taxation of Agribusiness

Natalia Novak, Kherson State Agrarian University

Doctor of Economics, Associate Professor, Associate Professor Department of Accounting and Taxation

Olga Sarapina, Kherson National Technical University

Doctor of Economics, Professor, Head of the Department of Accounting, Audit and Taxation

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Kotsupatryi, M., Novak, N., & Sarapina, O. (2019). Improving and raising the effectiveness of audit of tax accounting at the agricultural enterprises. University Economic Bulletin, (41), 15-21.
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