Effective tools of digital marketing implementation

  • Michael Schaefer Association 1901 “SEPIKE”
  • Oksana Hetman Association 1901 “SEPIKE”
Keywords: social media, digital generation, digital marketing tools, SEO tools, Analytics & Tracking, Online Branding, Blogging & Content Creation, Collaboration, Customer Success & Support, Design, Images & Video, E-Commerce, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, Event/Project Management, Paid Advertising, Productivity tools, Social Media Management, Webpage Creation & Lead Capture


Relevance of research topic. Although the Internet is a part of the daily life, some parts of the population continue to be excluded from the digital world due to the lack of digital skills and knowledge. An access to the digital technologies become significantly important as a mean of allowing everyone to participate in the digital society fearlessly. That is why it is an extremely important to consider a wide range of the modern digital tools (mostly, marketing digital tools), which will help anyone to achieve their purposes in their professional and everyday activity. Formulation of the problem. The main problem that will be addressed during our study is summarizing, justification and analyzing digital marketing tools in order to rise digital literacy to achieve certain goals. Analysis of recent research and publications. Modern scientific, tutorial and popular literature’s space is filled with the description of the digital marketing concept, its significance and application into the current everyday life. Authors has reviewed papers of American, British, Chinese, Finish, Polish, Ukrainian and Indian authors and practitioners dedicated to summarizing the best marketing tools worldwide. However, all of these findings are not good schemed logically to provide the best applicable practice for inexperienced marketing tools users. Unexplored parts of the general problem. The main practical problem is to take a correct digital marketing tool in order to concentrate attention to the effective decision making and do not waste time and resources. The aim of our study is concentrated description and clustering of the modern digital marketing tools for their effective choice and application into the practice. The main tasks that will be solved due to our research are following (1) description of the current world social media environment in numbers; (2) research of the different types of marketing digital tools and their efficiency; (3) finding ways for the most effective digital marketing usage according to the case. Research methodology. Researching a wide range of digital marketing tools, we have used SEO engines, as well as scientific methods of analysis and synthesis, systemic approach to summarize and justify all current modern marketing tools. Methods of digital clustering and grouping have been used by constructing a table of digital marketing means. Results. Authors have analyzed a lot of statistic materials characterizing digital environment nowadays. It is underlined that 86% of people aged 16-55+ use social media at least once per day, and 72% use it multiple times per day that makes necessary to develop business digitalization. Social media marketing features have been characterized. The Main Digital Marketing Tools have been presented with their possibilities to use in a table form. Authors have provided a deeply detailed systematization of the digital marketing tools and made it clear recommendations about their correct and effective usage. Application of results. When the business grows, it is not necessary to add people (hiring) multiplying current costs, but it is advisable simply to add digital applications which will help to solve all managing issues. Digital tools help to construct a clear digital marketing plan outlining company's online marketing and advertising. The goal of a digital marketing plan is to drive conversions by means of social media, content, and blog strategy. Conclusions. Authors have described over 160 digital marketing tools clustering them for thirs types and application spheres. Accent is pointed out at the SEO tools, Marketing Automation and Mobile Marketing Applications. By having strong SEO and using online advertising, it is possible to drive visitors to the website of any company and to present them with a free information-based offer. Marketing Automating the follow-up to the lead generation process is a smart way to ensure the marketing runs continuously and smoothly all the time. Effective ways of Mobile Marketing usage include text message campaigns, having a mobile app and creating a mobile loyalty program.


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