Innovative mechanism of public administration modernization in Ukraine

  • Ljubov Fedulova National Academy for Public Administration under the President of Ukraine
Keywords: innovative mechanism, decentralization of public authority, managerial innovations, civil society


The high rate of global development of economic processes is increasingly strengthening the global nature of the sustainable development concept, which is characterized by the interconnection of environmental, economic, social and institutional problems that are increasingly exacerbated by rapidly changing technological, geopolitical and other factors. In this context, it is necessary to see comprehensive provision and continuous support of sustainable development, which provides for coordinated actions and interaction of governments, business entities, non-profit organizations and society as a whole. Their effective implementation is possible through the creation of an appropriate institutional system, where management institutions occupy one of the key places. The subject of the research is the essence and features of the innovative mechanism for implementing modernization processes in the system of public administration. The purpose of writing the article is to justify the need to develop and implement an innovative mechanism to form a new model of public administration in Ukraine, define its components from the standpoint of system approach and the development of proposals for the promising directions of its implementation. The methodology of the research is the principles of innovation and public administration theories, the concept of service state. On the basis of the system approach, the paper identifies the components of the innovative mechanism of public administration modernization that influence the nature of the decentralization process in Ukraine. Using the methods of statistical and expert analysis, the problems of decentralization in the country are determined. The methods of structuring and synthesis  underpin the developed proposals for strengthening the role of the innovative public administration mechanism in ensuring economic growth and solving social problems. The results of the research is the assessment of progress in decentralization in Ukraine and identification of problems that complicate the achievement of goals and require increased efforts of public authorities to solve problems accumulated in society from the standpoint of innovative approach. Conclusions. The modern Ukrainian economy needs specific, different from the traditional economy approaches to define the objectives of forming a new model of public administration in terms of introducing an innovative mechanism to accelerate the process of developing relations between public authorities and civil society participants. Particular attention is needed for the methodology in developing the components of reforming the public administration innovative mechanism and determining the relationship between them from the point of view of the system approach as well as elaborating tools for their implementation in order to increase the level of manageability in the process of providing citizens with high-quality public services.


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Author Biography

Ljubov Fedulova, National Academy for Public Administration under the President of Ukraine

doctor of economic sciences, professor, Head of Center for economic policy researches of Institute of expert-analytical and scientific researches

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