Features of formation of the state budget security

  • Serhii Sobchuk Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics
Keywords: budget security, indicators of budget security, budget regulation, budget deficit, budget revenues, budget expenditures


Relevance of the research topic. Socio-economic development, which is the main task and simultaneously an instrument for ensuring the effective functioning of the country and increasing the well-being of its population, is directly dependent on the effectiveness of fiscal policy. The choice of forms, methods and models of budget regulation allows to achieve the achieved results by allocation and redistributing the gross domestic product according to the priorities of ensuring economic growth. However, at the present stage, the danger of destructive influence on the budget system of endogenous and exogenous factors of influence increases. Thus, the analysis and characterization of the main approaches to the formation of the state budget security and determination of its increase the directions in the conditions of the country's transformation fiscal system and the limited financial resources are relevant. Formulation of the problem. Budgetary security as a component of the country's financial and economic security reflects the ability to effectively use financial resources accumulated in centralized and decentralized funds to ensure the country's financial stability, opportunities for expanded reproduction and social development. That is why it is expedient to determine the main threats to budget security, the degree of their impact on economic dynamics and possible options for their minimization. Analysis of recent research and publications. The work of foreign scientists is devoted to the study of the formation and assessment of the country's budget security: S. Blancart, J. Buchanan, J. Golden, R. Kelly, A. Rotfeld, A. Pigou, R. Dornbusch, J. Stiglitz, A. Hansen and others. Theoretical and practical contribution to the assessment of the budget regulation role of the socio-economic development and ensuring a sufficient level of its budgetary security of domestic scientists was made by O. Vasilik, V. Geyts, V. Gorbulin, A. Gritsenko, L. Lysyak, I. Lukyanenko, V. Oparin, S. Pirozhkov, V. Fedosov, I. Chugunov, S. Yuri and others. Selection of unexplored parts of the general problem. Highlighting issues become relevant in the face of increasing integration processes and financial globalization. It is important to develop the institutional framework for budget security, the expansion the system factors and indicators that characterize it, in accordance with international requirements and standards. Setting the task, the purpose of the study. The task of the study is to analyze the budget security characteristics. The aim of the study is to reveal the methodological and practical provisions of the formation Ukraine budget security in the context of the institutional modernization of the economy and to determine the directions of its increase by means of fiscal regulation. Method or methodology for conducting research. The article uses a set of methods and approaches of scientific knowledge, among which it is worth noting: systemic, structural, comparative, statistical, analysis and synthesis, synthesis and scientific abstraction. Presentation of the main material (results of work). The features of the formation of the country's budget security are determined. The main indicators of the functioning of the budget system of Ukraine are characterized and the degree of their influence on the level of budget security and socio-economic development is determined. The directions of increasing budget security in the context of institutional modernization of the economy are substantiated. The field of application of results. Organization and conduct of research on the formation and improvement of the budget security. Conclusions according to the article. The country's budget security is one of the main indicators of the level of development of the financial system. Providing long-term sustainability of public finances, balancing social and economic development is a priority task of state authorities. The main indicators of Ukraine's budget security show that there are destabilizing factors, but effective budget regulation will minimize their negative impact on the pace of economic growth. It is advisable to increase the level of budgetary discipline, improve medium-term budget planning and forecasting, form an effective strategy for managing public debt and budget deficit.


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Serhii Sobchuk, Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics

PhD in Economics, Senior Lecturer

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