Innovative technologies and tools of analyzing domestic enterprises activity and development management

  • Tetiana Velychko Odessa Regional Institute of Public Administration of the National Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine
Keywords: innovations, technologies, tools, management, strategic management, efficiency, analysis, quality systems, functions, tasks, competitive advantages


The subject of the research is theoretical and practical aspects of the definition and implementation of innovative management technologies and their components in the system of strategic management of agrarian enterprises. The purpose of the work is to identify the factors and competitive advantages of innovative management technologies and to substantiate the mechanisms of their implementation in the system of strategic management of agrarian enterprises. Methodological basis of the article became as general scientific, and special methods of scientific knowledge. Were used methods: dialectical, monographic, historical, system-structural analysis and synthesis, problem and program-target approaches. Results of work. The article considers the content and features of benchmarking as a tool of tactical management and strategic management of enterprise development, achieving their competitiveness. Its main advantage is the maintenance of the current efficiency and the provision of competitive advantages for a long time. Also benchmarking is aimed at improving the quality of products, introducing the benefits and achievements of other enterprises. The basic functions and tasks of benchmarking are substantiated. The efficiency and prospects of its application are determined. The field of application of results. Conclusions and results of the article can be used in the educational-scientific process of the economic faculties of higher educational institutions. It is expedient to transfer them for practical use in the management of enterprises in order to increase its efficiency on an innovative basis. Conclusions. As a powerful quality tool, benchmarking is an indispensable tool for learning the organization. Without it, you will never know which position of the company with regard to competitors and companies of the world level, you will not learn about the new methods necessary for a radical improvement; will not be a way to measure the effectiveness of processes. Benchmarking is not limited to studying the experience of "the work of competitors and world leaders." It is one of the key tools in the process of continuous improvement of any activity, because benchmarking is a systematic comparison of elements of activity with similar elements of more successful activity at macro and micro levels.


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Author Biography

Tetiana Velychko, Odessa Regional Institute of Public Administration of the National Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine

Candidate of Science (Economics), Associate Professor, Associate Professor, Department of Management of Organizations

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