Organizational and financial and economic instruments of management democratization and regulation of social and cultural enterprises development in Ukraine

  • Alexander Zhuchinsky «Pereiaslav-Khmelnytsky Hrygorii Skovoroda State Pedagogical University»
Keywords: enterprises, socio-cultural sphere, organizational, financial and economic, mechanisms, tools, democratization, management, development, regulation, decentralization, eurointegration


The subject of the study is theoretical and practical aspects of democratization of management and regulation of the development of enterprises of the socio-cultural sphere of Ukraine with the use of organizational and financial-economic instruments and mechanisms. The purpose of the work is to identify and address the challenges and problems of developing the socio-cultural sphere to improve the management and regulation of its enterprises and institutions on the basis of democratization in conditions of decentralization of power, European integration influences and using organizational and financial and economic instruments. Methodological basis of the article became as general scientific, and special methods of scientific knowledge. Were used methods: dialectical, monographic, historical, system-structural analysis and synthesis, problem and program-target approaches. Results of work. The article reveals that the decentralization of power in Ukraine and the pursuit of European standards of life place new demands on development, hence the management of national socio-cultural space. It has been established that the management of enterprises and organizations in the socio-cultural sphere should be based on the consistent democratization of the entire management system. To this end, the expediency of introducing the public-public model into the system of management of them, the involvement of social entrepreneurship instruments and social responsibility has been substantiated. The challenges and positive trends of the socio-cultural sphere development are revealed. New effective mechanisms, methods and tools for management, related to forecasting, designing and implementation of innovations, program-target planning in the mode of constant correction of goals and tasks and monitoring of socio-cultural space are proposed. The field of application of results. Conclusions and results of the article can be used in the educational-scientific process of the economic faculties of higher educational institutions. It is expedient to transfer them for practical use in the management of cultural and artistic institutions, enterprises of social infrastructure in the countryside. They also represent a practical interest in the work of rural communities and the development of rural areas. Conclusions. Democratization of the management of enterprises of socio-cultural sphere is carried out on the principles of decentralization of power, gradual formation of civil society, in accordance with the processes of European integration and in response to internal and external socio-economic challenges. At the same time, the latest methods, mechanisms and instruments of management and regulation should be applied. In their totality, the comprehensive implementation deserves programming and planning activities. It means the development of specific programs with a scientifically developed conceptual framework for the development of financially sustainable socio-cultural enterprises or activities. In the future, it is also necessary to develop criteria that will allow an assessment of the effectiveness of the implementation of these programs, provide options for their adverse development and remedial action in such cases. Executive activities in this context should include the creation of regulatory and legal networks and organizational structures that will allow for the unification of constructive processes of self-organization and specific management measures, the introduction of new mechanisms for the implementation of the potential of a program that forms relevant logistical, labor and financial and economic resources, information bases and innovations.


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Alexander Zhuchinsky, «Pereiaslav-Khmelnytsky Hrygorii Skovoroda State Pedagogical University»

Postgraduate Student

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