Тrade policy as an instrument to promote industrial development in Ukraine

  • Оksana Kushnirenko Institute for economics and forecasting NAS of Ukraine
  • Olga Zarudna Institute for economics and forecasting NAS of Ukraine
Keywords: international trade, trade policy, industry policy, export oriented development, industrial development, integration


Relevance of the research topic is due to the rapid growth in world trade, which leads to new challenges for Ukraine’s industry in the context of deepening economic globalization and increasing international competition. Under these conditions, the development and application of effective industrial policy instruments aimed at supporting promising sectors of the processing industry in the process of integration into the world market is very important. Formulation of the problem. New opportunities associated with the further liberalization of foreign trade in an increasingly open and competitive environment require the creation of a favorable environment for promoting the export activities of Ukrainian industrial producers under the constraints of international trade agreements. Selection of unexplored parts of the general problem. In the context of increasing the influence of integration processes on the development of production, the problem of choosing the most effective instruments of state regulation, which most of all contributed to active cooperation with foreign partners for export-oriented industrial producers of Ukraine, in particular for products with a higher degree of processing, remains insufficiently studied. Setting the task, the purpose of the study. The objective of the study is to develop proposals for effective trade policy instruments aimed at supporting the export of industrial products with higher added value within the framework of the existing restrictions of international agreements. Method or methodology for conducting research. General scientific methods are used in the work: abstract-logical, systemic; analysis and synthesis, statistical comparisons, grouping, sampling; expert assessments. The field of application of results. The results of this study can be applied in the process of government policy formation on the main aspects of the export development of industry in the context of integration processes. Conclusions. Based on the analysis of quantitative and qualitative indicators of international trade, its geographical vectors, trends in exports and imports of Ukrainian-made industrial goods are disclosed, and effective trade policy instruments are proposed: namely, non-tariff regulatory methods aimed at creating effective policies and institutions and can be used for the eliminating restrictions upon integration of the Ukrainian manufacturer to the international markets.


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Author Biographies

Оksana Kushnirenko, Institute for economics and forecasting NAS of Ukraine

Candidate of Economic Sciences (Ph.D.), Associate Professor, Senior Research Officer of Department of Industrial Policy

Olga Zarudna, Institute for economics and forecasting NAS of Ukraine

Junior Research Officer of Department of Industrial Policy

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