The forecast of digital economy and society index for Belarus

  • Vladimir Gerasenko EI «Belarusian State Economic University»
  • Vyacheslav Levkovich EI «Belarusian State Economic University»
Keywords: digital economy, indexes of digital economy development, economic and mathematical modeling, regression equation


Economic and mathematical analysis was carried out and linear and non-linear regression equations were built in this article in order to forecast the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) for Belarus. This will position the country in the most important indicator for assessing the prospects of the digital economy modern development. The subject of the research is organizational, economic and managerial relations in the process of development of the digital economy. The aim of the research is compilation of an economic and mathematical model based on statistical data to calculate the predicted value of the targeted index for the Republic of Belarus. Research methods. During the study the general scientific and formalized research methods were used: analysis and synthesis, systematization and classification, statistical collection of information, SWOT analysis and ABC analysis, correlation and regression, economic and mathematical modeling, and others. Results of work. Based on the polynomial regression equation obtained, a forecast for the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) for Belarus is made. This index is currently not calculated in the Republic of Belarus. The scope of the results. Research organizations, government bodies, educational institutions.


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Author Biographies

Vladimir Gerasenko, EI «Belarusian State Economic University»

Рrofessor of the Department of Finance

Vyacheslav Levkovich, EI «Belarusian State Economic University»

Student of the Department of Finance

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