Implementation of the concept of strategic management in youth non-govermental organizations

  • Bohdan Kopylchak Ivan Franko National University of Lviv
Keywords: the paradigm of strategic management, strategy-oriented acting, youth NGO, methods and tools of management, strategic objectives, a concept of comprehensive strategic management


Relevance of the research topic. It is impossible to build a civil society without forming an effective engine of its development in all spheres of the state. In order to take measures in a sphere of youth politics, the public authorities should get support to its subjects including Youth NGO’s. NGO which is able to develop singly and develop subjects around during a long period of time should become a basis for improving youth policy of the state. Such development is only possible with the help of mechanisms and tools of strategic management, which makes this research up-to-date. Formulation of the problem. Strategic management of developing an organisation requires a detailed study from the point of view of development and implementation of management concept. It states mechanisms and tools which should be used in the organisation`s activity. In regard with the fact that development of NGO was forced by both evolutional and revolutionary changes, the possibility of applying the developed concepts of strategic management for the functioning of concrete types of organisations should be critically analysed. Analysis of the last research and publications. Theory of concepts of strategic management was thoroughly reviewed in works by M. Nebava, O. Ratushnyak, V. Ortina, L. Fedulowa, Z. Shershnyova and O. Stoliarenko. In addition to this, researches on strategic management were also considered. In works of A.Tompsom and A.Stricland, K.Prahalad and H.Hamel, I.Nonaka and H.Takeuchi and B.Wernerfeld. Strategic management in NGO’s was considered by M.Zemba, V.Melenivska, O. Hlebushkina, H.Kachura, T.Azarova, L.Abramova etc. However, the implementation of concepts of strategic management in the activity of NGO’s is not studied enough. This causes a need for thorough comprehensive research which requires a detailed analysis of existing concepts and approaches to strategic management. Selection of unexplored parts of the general problem. It is hard for youth NGO’s in Ukraine to pick up an effective concept of strategic management. It is a result of both operating conditions and absence of thorough theoretical basis so as most of the concepts were developed for the functioning of the commercial organisation. So, the important part of the problem which needs a solution is a definition of main provisions of the concept of strategic management which will meet the needs of development of Youth NGO. Setting the task, the purpose of the study. Among the main objectives of the article which let to approach the solution of the stated problem can be highlighted the necessity of developing a system of methods and tools of strategic management of Youth NGO. On the basis of this system and existing concepts, it is expedient to form a model of a concept of strategic management of Youth NGOs. Method or methodology of conducting research. Methods of system-structural analysis and synthesis, retrospection, dialectical and methods of generalization, grouping, comparison and other methods became a methodological basis of the article. Presentation of the main material (results of the work). The article considers the necessity of using the paradigm of strategic management for the development of the organization. The system of methods and tools of strategic management of youth non-governmental organizations is developed. The stages of development of the concepts of strategic management are analysed. The link between the strategic objectives of youth non-governmental organizations is determined. The concept of comprehensive strategic management for use by youth non-governmental organizations is proposed. Field of application of the results. Results of this research may be applied during management of the Youth NGO and during the formation of the state’s youth policy according to participants of NGOs in building up the civil society. Conclusions according to the article. Application of the concept of strategic management allows the youth NGOs to change the way of acting from management according to operative tasks to strategic management with the help of a comprehensive approach to perspectives of NGO’s development.


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Bohdan Kopylchak, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv

master, postgraduate of the department of management

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