Problems and ways to solve the refugees’ employment in the Republic of Belarus under conditions of integration processes

  • Kristina Kraуenkova Institution of Education «Vitebsk State Technological University»
Keywords: refugees, socially unprotected layers of the population, employment, social entrepreneurship


The subject of the study is the employment of refugees in the Republic of Belarus. The aim of the work is to identify problems and find solutions to refugee employment in the Republic of Belarus. The methodological basis of the article was the scientific works of domestic and foreign scientists on the employment of refugees in the country, statistics from official portals. Results of work. The article analyzes static data on the dynamics of the number of forced migrants in the Republic of Belarus, studies the country's policy on the labor market for refugees, identifies problems in their employment and suggests a solution that includes promoting the principles of social entrepreneurship in national practice. Scope of the results. The conclusions and results of the article can be used in improving labor relations in the field of refugee employment by securing at the legislative level a new type of economic activity, «social entrepreneurship». Findings. As a result of the study, effective measures for the employment of refugees were proposed and established priority areas for the development of social entrepreneurship in the Republic of Belarus were established, which include: - consolidation of the concept of «socially vulnerable layers of the population»; - improving the regulatory framework, including labor relations of socially vulnerable groups of the population, including refugees; - the development of social entrepreneurship as a form of doing business with a pronounced social goal; - the formation of an information-analytical system for managing social entrepreneurship; - creation of a virtual portal of social entrepreneurship, where information on employment of socially disadvantaged groups of people by their groups will be presented in separate content, a vacancy bank, requirements, working conditions and direct contact details of social entrepreneurship entities will be presented. The implementation of the indicated directions and priorities will accelerate the processes of integration, socialization and adaptation of refugees in our country, and effectively develop the labor market of socially vulnerable layers of the population, which is one of the priority directions of the policy of the Republic of Belarus.


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Kristina Kraуenkova, Institution of Education «Vitebsk State Technological University»

Мaster of Economics, Senior Lecturer, Department of Economics

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