Monetary policy under economic transformation in Ukraine

  • Mykola Pasichnyi Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics
Keywords: monetary policy, price stability, inflation targeting, exchange rate, central bank independence


The research subject includes the theoretical basis and mechanisms of monetary policy formation and realization as an instrument of macroeconomic regulation. The aim of the study is to determine the features of domestic monetary policy and to systemize the policy’s stages under economic transformations. Methods. In order to achieve the appropriate tasks, we used a set of methods and approaches, that helped to ensure the conceptual unity of our investigation. The dialectical, systemic and structural approaches, methods of analysis and synthesis, comparison, generalization, scientific abstraction are applied. Results. The peculiarities of formation and realization of monetary policy of Ukraine under economic transformations are determined. The main stages of national monetary policy’s development are systemized. The dynamics of monetization, exchange rate and index of consumer price from 1992 to 2018 is investigated. Practical implications. Monetaryl policy and instruments of its implementation. Conclusions. Nowadays, the monetary policy has a formed institutional mechanism in order to reach the main goal and tasks. We identified the main phases of monetary policy of Ukraine. In the initial stage the main elements of monetary architectonics are established, also the powers and tasks of central bank are defined. The stage of functional improvement characterized by the restriction on central bank repayment of bonds on the primary market, decreasing the monetization of national economy, introducing the currency exchange corridor. At the steady development phase, we determined the exchange rate stability and gradual increasing of monetization level. Within the transitional stage of modification, the raising of monetization was continued, moreover, the combined using of methods on the currency market was carried out to stabilize it. Also, National bank defined the priority directions to enhance the bank system. The stage of institutional modernization is characterized by the monetary strategy formation, increasing the central bank institutional and financial independence, the adoption of inflation targeting regime, the improving of basic statements of currency transaction, the developing of macroprudential regulation to ensure financial stability.


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Author Biography

Mykola Pasichnyi, Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics

Ph.D (Economics), Associate Рrofessor

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