Investment providing of jobs creation in agrarian sphere

  • Yevhenii Lanchenko National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine
Keywords: investments, labor market, employment, agrarian sphere, agricultural enterprise, government support


Topicality. In the economic mechanism of regulation of the labor market in the agrarian sphere is of great importance for forecasting and balancing supply and demand for labor, depending on the volume of agricultural production and the corresponding formation of real investment in job creation in the branch. Therefore, the direction of research of investment processes and employment of the population in the agricultural sphere is relevant. Formulation of the problem. Investment processes in agriculture of Ukraine should provide reproductive processes in the branch, improve the structure of means of production and attract workers to enterprises. At present, there is a rapid reduction in labor force in the agrarian sphere, but there are not enough alternative jobs in the countryside, which increases migration flows in the country. The current urgent task of the state is to create conditions for investing in the creation of jobs in the agrarian sphere to ensure rational employment of the population and food security of the country, etc. The subject of research covers the social and labor aspects of investing in agricultural production. The purpose of the work is to substantiate the directions, terms, volumes and sources of investment in creating jobs in the agricultural sector. Methods of conducting research: abstract-logical, systematic approach, balance, monographic, statistical-economic, economic-mathematical, calculation-constructive methods. Results of the work: quantitative indicators of increase of formal employment of the population in the agrarian and other sectors of the economy and corresponding prognostic scenarios due to activation of investment and reproduction processes in the industry are substantiated; directions, volumes, terms, sources of investment in production of products in agricultural enterprises and improvement of the mechanism of their state support are determined. Practical implementation: formation of investment policy at state, branch and enterprise levels of economy, process of development of state and local programs of promotion of employment of population, agrarian and rural development. Conclusions: activation of investment in labor-intensive production of agricultural products while attracting public and private capital investments in the industry will ensure rational employment of the population in the agrarian sphere, will promote the development of agrarian social and labor relations.


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Yevhenii Lanchenko, National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine

Ph.D. in Economical Science, Associate Professor, Associate Professor of Department of Labour Economics and Social Development

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