Features of formation and development of human capital in the agricultural sector

  • Tat'ianа Tsetsiarynets Belarus State Agrarian Technical University
Keywords: human capital, employment, factors, innovative development, agroindustrial complex, agriculture


The relevance of the research topic is to study the features and factors of human capital formation in the agricultural sector. Purpose: the analysis and assessment of the key macroeconomic indicators, socio-economic factors and institutional conditions of investment ensuring formation of the human capital in the Republic of Belarus. Methods – analysis, synthesis, comparisons, tabular, etc. Results of work: the development of human capital allows us to solve numerous socio-economic problems and accelerate the innovative development of the agricultural sector. Human capital is becoming the main source of change in society, as well as a factor in its improvement and transition to a new quality. There is an important problem of the lack of smart and resourceful people in the agricultural sector. It requires people with a high level of professionalism, good knowledge and skills. Nowadays, the possibilities of using and developing innovative labor potential and the effective involvement of resourceful people in labor activity are unfortunately limited. Conclusions: the characteristics of the formation of human capital in the agrarian sphere have been studied, as well as the evolution of their development. The factors determining the accumulation of human capital in agroindustrial complex have been systematized. The main problems of the shortage of agricultural specialists have been identified. These problems are the decline in the vocational qualifications of workers, the outflow of personnel from rural areas, the decline in the prestige of agrarian professions and as a result reluctance of graduates to go to work after their education.


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Tat'ianа Tsetsiarynets, Belarus State Agrarian Technical University

PhD of Economics Sciences, Associate Professor of «Economics and Organization ofagriculture»

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