Social security of Ukraine: summary, problems and ways of ensuring

  • Zakharii Varnalii Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
  • Rostislav Bilyk Chernivtsi National University of Yuriy Fedkovych
  • Mykola Khmelevskiy National Transport University
Keywords: social security, economic security, national security, threats to social security, social security status, provision of social security


The essence and content of social security are revealed, the systematic problems and ways of providing social security of Ukraine in the conditions of globalization and European integration are investigated, the analysis of the generalities of factors of social security of Ukraine at the current stage of state development is made. It is substantiated that the social security of the state, in the narrow sense, is the degree (level) of protection of national interests of the population in the social sphere from internal and external threats, and social security of the state, in the broad sense, is a state of development of the state for which the state is able to protect from internal and external threats and to ensure a decent and quality social standard of living of the population, regardless of age, gender, income level, to promote the full development of human capital. It is determined that the social challenges of Ukraine's security have intensified, especially in the areas of population reproduction and labor potential, functioning of the social sphere and labor market, income and employment of the population. It is substantiated that these challenges lead to deterioration of working conditions and decrease of material well-being, depopulation and aging of the nation, spread of poverty and disintegration of financial position of citizens, decrease of social protection of the population, increase of dissatisfaction with the life and social policy of the authorities.It is proved that the state policy in the field of convergence of the social security system of Ukraine and the EU, in particular with regard to regulation of migration processes, should be aimed at achieving the goal of systematic development of human capital and implemented in the following areas: ensuring demographic security, modernization of the health care system, restoration of the quality system education, preservation of cultural values, becoming a competitive labor market, improving housing affordability, building social infrastructure, systemic social insurance population.


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Author Biographies

Zakharii Varnalii, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

Doctor of Economics, Professor, Professor of the Department of Finance

Rostislav Bilyk, Chernivtsi National University of Yuriy Fedkovych

Doctor of Economics, Associate Professor, Associate Professor of the Department of Economic Theory, Management and Administration

Mykola Khmelevskiy, National Transport University

PhD (Economics), Professor, Department of Economics

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