Brand as a tool of globalization

  • Galina Studinska Kyiv National Trade and Economics University
Keywords: brand, branding, globalization, brand-oriented national economy, competitiveness of national economy


The degree of research into the relationship between the concepts of «globalization» and «branding» has been traced. The correctness of the terminology used by domestic researchers in the concept of branding is analyzed. The list of features that determine the similarity of the analyzed processes is determined. It is substantiated that the impact of branding on economic development is a process that needs to be managed. Branding and globalization have been found to affect the socio-economic development of the country. The object of the research is theoretical and methodological principles of branding in the context of globalization, which expands the horizons of the concept of brand-oriented development of national economy. The subject of research is the nature of the mutual influence of globalization and branding processes. The study of globalization, the conditions and factors contributing to its development, the directions of its impact, and the results of this impact is interdisciplinary and requires a fundamental study. The purpose of this paper is to justify the existence of mutual influence of globalization and branding, to determine its characteristics. To achieve the goal, the following were used methods: system-parametric approach - to scientific knowledge of branding and globalization, which allowed to reveal certain perspectives of these processes; сomparative analysis on globalization and branding, which helped to identify the directions and nature of the counter impact; management approach to the brand management process. The practical implications of the results are the ability to use them to manage branding development in Ukraine, which will have positive consequences for the country's integration into the global economic and civilizational space. Conclusions. The formation of a brand-oriented global economy is an evolutionary process that requires management to increase its effectiveness. The impact of globalization on the development of branding and the promotion of the objects of its transformation is brought about by qualitative changes in the structure of world trade in goods and services, as well as by positive dynamics of the value of national brands, first of all, in the developed countries of the world, whose strategy is obviously brand-oriented. Branding, in turn, dramatically amplifies the scale and effects of globalization, both economic and political, cultural, social processes on the planet, as the development of brands of goods and services implies maximization of advancement in the global market for goods and services provided by technical, technological, the creative, marketing benefits of relevant producers. National brands of countries around the world have an undeniable influence on the process of globalization, contributing to investment in countries, innovations, highly qualified staff and a large number of tourists, which proves to be a brand – an effective tool for globalization. Globalization and branding are mutually influencing, interdependent and reinforcing each other.


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Galina Studinska, Kyiv National Trade and Economics University

Doctor of Economic Sciences

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