The essence and assessment of the adaptability of an industrial enterprise

  • Elena Karpenko Belarusian State University
  • Darya Pavlova Belarusian State University
Keywords: Innovative receptivity, innovative activity, functioning goals, production system, adaptability of the enterprise, behavioral adaptation, parametric adaptation, structural adaptation


The subject of the study is the adaptability of an industrial enterprise. The purpose of the study is to identify the most significant factors that affect the level of adaptability of an industrial enterprise. The research methods used in the work are observation, collection, analysis and synthesis, comparison, grouping, system and complex approach. Results of the work. Within the framework of this study, the authors analyzed the adaptability of an industrial enterprise, which by its results is logically related to the full range of final results of the enterprise functioning as a production system and is subordinated to the need to achieve a given level of such results. The scope of application of the research results is the innovation policy of the enterprise, focused on improving its positioning in the market. Conclusions. The efficiency, complexity and cost of implementing behavioral, parametric and structural adaptation of an enterprise to a changing external environment increase in the order they are listed. Therefore, the management of the enterprise always faces the problem of choosing the optimal method of adaptation, first, which allows to ensure the preservation of the state of homeostatic equality of the enterprise and its external environment, and secondly, which can be implemented by it both in terms of existing competence and available funds. The optimal adaptation methods are determined by the existing potential of the enterprise, the industry conditions of competitive interaction and the combination of macro-environment factors.


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Author Biographies

Elena Karpenko, Belarusian State University

PhD, Professor, Head of Department of International Management

Darya Pavlova, Belarusian State University

graduate student

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Karpenko, E., & Pavlova, D. (2021). The essence and assessment of the adaptability of an industrial enterprise. University Economic Bulletin, (48), 131-138.
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