Risk management in the sphere of wages

  • Svitlana Koval Ptoukha Institute for Demography and Social Studies of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Keywords: risk management, payment, audit verification, comparison methods, official information, actual data


The subject of article is to study the problems of risk management associated, in particular, with the discrepancies of official and actual wage assessments. The most important value for effective risk management has adequate information support, which includes a wide range of various types of information: statistical, economic, commercial, financial, legal, technical, etc. In the study, general scientific and special methods were used: analysis and synthesis, analogy and comparison, statistical estimates, etc. The results of work. The peculiarities of some methods of comparing official and actual wage assessments based on the principles of audit inspections are highlighted. The results of the study can be used by all stakeholders, including the authorities of the state executive power in improving the mechanisms for implementing the socio-economic policy of employment and state regulation of the labor market in the field of remuneration. The conclusions. 1. Based on the methods of comparing official and actual wage assessments in accordance with established criteria, a conditional-positive conclusion is provided to the reliability and legality of information reflected in the financial statements, according to the results of operations on the process of remuneration in 2020.  2. The main tasks that should be aimed at solving risk management issues by auditing calculations for remuneration are defined: confirmation of the reliability of accruals and payments to employees, displaying processes of accounting processes; finding out the legality and completeness of salaries and other payments to employees in favor of the enterprise, other subjects; verification in the organization of analytical accounting calculations for remuneration and interconnection of analytical and synthetic accounting; the assessment of the administration takes place in order to timely collect debt payments to employees, which is an important source of information to verify these issues.  3. The promising areas of research in the field of labor accounting and its payment in order to minimize risks include: control over compliance with regular discipline and rational use of working time; the correct calculation of labor costs in the account of labor; legitimate payroll and dependents from it; implementation of timely and reliable salary calculations; control over the use of the wage fund; providing consumers with information on labor and wages.


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Author Biography

Svitlana Koval, Ptoukha Institute for Demography and Social Studies of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Ph.D. in Economical Sciences, Senior Researcher, Senior Researcher of Department for Issues of Risks in the Sphere of Employment

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