The significance of the organization of human resource management in the solution of staff turnover in enterprises

  • Galina Chaban Hryhorii Skovoroda University in Pereiaslav
Keywords: staff turnover, personnel, work schedule, labor collective, service enterprises


Relevance of the research topic. People are the most stable social elements of society and country, bearers of its traditions and experience. It is these cadres that retain their qualities even as the socio-political structure changes, the state structure changes. The dynamic process of the development of the world at the end of the last century at the beginning of this century led to a wave of modernization of management and measures to increase its efficiency. At the heart of this process is the reform of the personnel mechanism and the management of the process of mobility within the organization. An organization is a group of people whose activities are consciously coordinated to achieve one or more common goals. In the process of managing the flow of people in an organization, as a function of managing an administrative body, general ones are singled out and systematic administrative management is provided. Formulation of the problem. The concept of employee mobility in business is inherent, and not vice versa: employees take a job, work, adapt to working conditions or quit and look for another job. Therefore, the phenomenon of staff turnover is a process that enterprises must deal with. We will look at mobility issues and develop a recommendation system to solve existing problems. Analysis of recent studies and publications, which started solving this problem. Quite a lot of work is devoted to the problem of staff turnover, M. Armstrong, L. Balabanova, S. Katsalap, A. Fayol, E. Mayo, A. Sardak, V. Shapovalov, N. Savrukov, R. Bennett and others dealt with this problem. Task and research methodology. The peculiarities of the influence of the institutions of personnel management of an enterprise on solving the problem of personnel mobility caused by an increase in international labor migration are studied. The most typical causes of fluidity are identified. The role of the agency for personnel management in decision-making is determined. Conclusions in accordance with the article. This article notes that the problem of staff turnover in an enterprise is very relevant. A list of problems and proposals for their solution are presented. The practical application of these recommendations will reduce staff turnover, thereby improving the working conditions of workers, and hence the activities of enterprises.


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Galina Chaban, Hryhorii Skovoroda University in Pereiaslav

PhD, Assistant Professor of Finances, Accounting and Taxation Department

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