Editorial Policy

The editorial team of the Collection «University Economic Bulletin» executes the requirements of:

Basic principles of editorial policy

  • openness of the Collection;
  • copyright compliance;
  • peer review of all articles submitted to the Collection;
  • personal liability of members of the editorial board , reviewers and authors for the accuracy and quality of published data;
  • efficiency and impartiality of presentation of published information;
  • compliance with publication frequency of the Collection.

Editorial Ethics

The editorial team is responsible for the quality of published articles. The editorial team is also committed to initiatives aimed at decrease of unethical research practices and ethical norms violations.

It assures maintaining Publication Ethics by the editorial council members, reviewers, and authors.

The general principles of manuscripts selections are credibility, scientific significance and actuality of submissions.

The editorial team proceeds from the fact that articles’ peer reviewing is not only a necessary condition for their publication, but also an opportunity to improve their quality, which guarantees a high scientific level of the Collection.

Scientific discussions and letter to the editorial board are also welcome.