Anti-Plagiarism Policy

The editorial team of the Collection «University Economic Bulletin» presumes that while submitting the manuscript to the Collection every author agrees with the following principles of counteraction to plagiarism and other unethical practices of research and publications.

It is unacceptable:

  • literal copying, substantial incorrect paraphrasing of more than 10% of the work of another person without proper attribution (reference to authorship, correct citing, use quotation marks). The percentage of plagiarism is determined with the help of the specialized software and assessed by the Editorial Board;
  • usage of elements of another person’s works (for example, picture, table, methodology of drafting a scheme, executing computation or analysis) without proper attribution, without expressing appreciation, without reference to the source and quotation marks.
  • literal copying and paraphrasing of one’s own works (self-plagiarism)

The Collection «University Economic Bulletin» publishes only original articles. The reprints of already published materials are not allowed.

The editorial team of the Collection «University Economic Bulletin» adheres to the standards of academic ethics and seriously treats all cases of plagiarism. Manuscripts, questionable from the point of view of ethics, are checked by the editors through the programs Detector Plagiarist, Antiplagiat, eTXT etc.

To ensure objectivity the editorial team thoroughly examines every such case and considers the arguments of all concerned parties.

Before taking further actions the editorial team makes its best to get the most accurate information from the authors of the controversial publication or from the copyright owners. The decision of the editorial team is impartial, objective and unaffected by the third parties.

If there is a suspicion of plagiarism the authors must prove their authorship or correctly present the borrowed parts of text. After that the editorial team may reconsider the manuscript.

In the event of a serious breach of copyright as well as of other ethical norms and rules of research and publications, the manuscript is rejected and cooperation the editorial team with the author may be terminated.

If the article has been published before a violation of ethical principles is established, it can be withdrawn from the Journal with the appropriate reference at the official Web-site of the Collection.